McCosky contradicts himself

Chris McCosky of the Detroit News had a very strange column today.

He criticizes Allen Iverson for saying he felt attacked about coming off the bench:

“It was an injury I never had before and it was tough to deal with. But, no matter how many positive things I do in the community, no matter how many things I do for other people, with writers and commentators, positive things are not going to sell when it comes to Allen Iverson. Come up with a negative story about Allen Iverson then everybody wants to listen. They don’t want to hear nothing positive about Allen Iverson.”

Goodness gracious what a bunch of garbage.

First of all, who was it that accused him of malingering? Reggie Miller did it on a TNT broadcast. Maybe other national media people did, but I didn’t see or hear any of it.

My first inclination was to dig up McCosky’s blog posts that accused Iverson of malingering. But that’s not even necessary. McCosky criticizes Iverson for how he handled his injury and loss of starting spot in the rest of this column.

Why couldn’t he have come out and said a month ago what he said Sunday?

I will tell you why: Because he was wrestling with his ego and the notion of coming off the bench. Had he said that right up front — that he couldn’t get his mind around coming off the bench — nobody would have blamed him. This is a guy who scored more than 23,000 points, a four-time scoring champ, a guy who after Sunday had come off the bench just seven times in 884 career games.

But for good measure, here are McCosky’s past takes on Iverson:

March 25

What Reggie Miller said on the TNT broadcast Tuesday night was what a lot of people, myself included, have thought and hinted and even wrote about — that Allen Iverson’s injury was more about a bruised ego than a hurt back.

March 2:

I am not a doctor and I am not AI. I don”t know how much pain or discomfort he”s feeling. But I know how tough he is. I know his pain threshold is as high as anybody who”s ever played. And I also know he wants no part of coming off the Pistons” bench, which will be his role for the rest of the season. He made that clear before, when Michael Curry was trying to decide whether to bench Rip Hamilton or AI.

If Iverson”s back is truly injured, I apologize. But if all that”s hurt is his pride, he should just say so. Say he can”t accept it. Say he doesn”t want to be a distraction. Say he doesn”t want to answer questions about why he”s not playing and taking the focus away from the team. Say whatever, and then let the team do whatever it has to do — either send him home or buy him out, whatever.

McCosky is usually on top of his game. What happened here?

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