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My mom used to be a pretty avid and aware Pistons fan, but life has gotten in the way for her in recent years. Even when she used to watch games, she was no fun to watch them with because she would always go in the other room if the game was close in the final few minutes. It was her unique way of dealing with the anxiety. I guess it was a much more civil tactic than the stuff I had to do to cope, like constantly tinkering with my hands or doofus-ly pacing.  I digress.

You could get away with saying she’s somewhat of a fair weather fan now, but honestly, the Pistons could be on their way to the best record in NBA history and she would say something like “get back at me when they make it happen in the playoffs.”  But I guess the theory that you become busier the older you get is especially true for my mom.  I’ll stick with that excuse instead of a full-fledged ‘fair weather fan’ label.

During the Bad Boy era my mom’s favorite players were Joe Dumars, Isiah Thomas and Vinny “the Microwave” Johnson. She didn’t care much for Bill Laimbeer.

She has said that she liked Joe D. because he was so gentlemanly and played the game the right way. She thought Isiah was just as exciting as hell to watch play, and for Vinny, well, “nobody could stop him when he heated up.”

Laimbeer was a little too rough and dirty for my mom.

A little more recent Pistons my mom enjoyed watching were Lindsey Hunter and Jerome “Junkyard Dog” Williams. More so than anything she likes the guys who are good people off the court, and if they happen to be decent players, it’s just gravy.

So it comes as no surprise that she despises Allen Iverson. Early on with AI in Detroit I tried to talk her into giving him a chance, because at that time I really believed he would fit in with the team (especially after the Pistons beat the Lakers and Cavs in the same week with AI in the lineup).

My mom knew better. She was aware of his history as a me-first player with attitude problems. And she is usually a positive person, so I should have known she was going to be right about the situation.

My mom is always telling me she wasn’t born yesterday and that she has had a lot more experiences than I have and that maybe I should heed her advice a little more frequently.


I think I will start to come around soon, mom.

Probably slowly, but surely.

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