Lost in Translation

Been a busy couple of days for me. Spent much of Tuesday in Ann Arbor meeting fellow transfer students, wandering around campus, and enduring monster headaches because of the foreign language UofM makes you learn to be able to sign up for classes.  It’s a cross between American, African, and error. It was minimally funny until the moment I corrected my assigned academic advisor, telling her the course number I needed to input was indeed five digits, not three.  At least her strong (intentionally withheld) accent was reliable.

In my web travels as of the last few days…

Pistons bits-

  •  May 19th: Keith Langlois goes over possible NBA selections 1-15. Pistons might target Virginia Commonwealth’s Eric Maynor.  True Blue Pistons
  •  A. Sherrod at Mlive  “Some of the players expected to work out for Detroit before next month’s draft include Arizona’s Chase Budinger, North Carolina’s Danny Green, Texas’ Damion James, Georgia Tech’s Gani Lawal, Ohio State’s B.J. Mullens, Louisville’s Terrence Williams and Pittsburgh’s Sam Young.”   My thoughts: I like Sam Young at 15.  Could be an answer at small forward for many years to come.
  • Stuckey as a 09/10 breakout star? Maybe. The others on the list (Love, Beasley, Aldridge, Thad Young) are definitely logical too, but Gallinari is a very questionable selection. Hoops World via Full-Court Press


  •  May 19th Desmond Mason dunk fest (6 dunks in all). You Got Dunked On
  •  This NBA dinner party didn’t get much pub did it?  High Socks Legend …  “Chris ‘Birdman’ Anderson: What a disgrace! I mean, sure, I’ve done more drugs in the last 10 years than Whitney Houston and Josh Hamilton combined, but at least I can sleep at night knowing I play D like a real man! Somebody get Varejao out of here.” My thoughts: Couldn’t have said it better myself, ‘Birdman’.
  •  I bet this is not the first time nor the last time Kelenna’s last name gets spelled incorrectly.  The Hoop Doctors

  •  Not the best year in the NBA health wise.  Ball Don’t Lie

  •  Kobe vs. Melo?  The Big Flapjack… “Chauncey Billups is showing why he was so valuable to the Pistons during their domination, and was a season changing pick up for the Nuggets. He makes everyone better around him, which is real big for Melo. I think the Nuggets are the better “team” because of Chauncey, and I’m sure the Lakers think thats cute, but Kobe and the boys know “talent” will overcome “team”.”


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