Lay-up Line

First off, I’d like to say thank you to those that have stopped by LoD throughout the past month or so.  I hope you continue to visit the site and like what you see here.

Now on to the lay-ups!

  • In case you missed it, Piston’s GM Brian Packey selected Eric Maynor with the 15th pick in the draft.  Not too surprising Packey went with the small college kid considering Packey attended Davidson. (Motown String Music)
  • This next post single handedly saved me a lot of time and anger, because only God knows how worthless and gumpy I feel B.J. Mullens is. And now I don’t feel as pressed to have to write something about the over-hyped B.J. (Detroit4Lyfe)
  • Interesting exchange on Twitter between ESPN’s Ric Bucher and the Wolves’ Kevin Love. (Sharapova’s Thigh)
  • Mr. DeFeo says hold it a sec on all the ‘point guard is the most important position’ talk. (Sir Charles in Charge)
  • Rumors and Rants takes a look at the last decade’s best and worst draft picks. “2003Worst Picks:Darko Milicic, 2nd (Detroit Pistons)’I hate to admit it, but as a Nuggets fan at the time, I had talked myself into the fact that Darko not only could be good, but would be. Why? Because LeBron was headed to Cleveland, and I figured Detroit would take Carmelo Anthony at No. 2, leaving Darko to my Nuggets. Luckily, Joe Dumars is a dumb ass.’” (Rumors and Rants)
  • Like you haven’t seen enough mock drafts.  (HowardtheDunk)
  • What the Buck is John Hammond doing? (Shawn Kemp’s Kids)

  • Packey

    Haha, that’s not why I mock drafted him, but liking the underdog is why I did attend a small school as opposed to going to a bigger school. Anyyyway, thanks for the link, bud.

  • Drew

    Looking forward to visiting your site in the coming months. A couple questions for you…

    1) Do you think Amir Johnson will develop into a quality big man with the Bucks? He has shown flashes of brilliance with your Pistons, but ultimately has been a disappointment.

    2) What about Darko flourishing in D’Antoni’s high-octane offense in NY…what are the odds?

    BTW…thanks for the link!

  • toasterhands


    I think Amir is what he is, just an energy player with a lack of post game and finesse. Doesn’t mean he will never become a decent role player, but I see him nothing more than a shot blocking energy guy without a jumper, like Mikki Moore if Mikki didn’t have a decent jumper. But remember, Amir was a late second rounder, so the fact that he has stuck in the league for this long means he’s sort of a success in a way.

    I definitely see Darko being a double digit scorer playing about 25 minutes a game. Heck, maybe he even develops into a starter.

  • Drew

    Interesting insight. I agree with you about Darko. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that Amir can develop into a 9 pt/9rb/2 blk a night guy along the front line with Bogut. Those two seem like they would complement each other pretty well. We’ll see…