Doug Collins, Joe Dumars candidates to replace Curry?

Doug Collins

Collins could be the Pistons’ next coach, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. Unlike most other outlets (PistonPowered included), he’s not speculating who would be a logical candidate. He has a source tying Collins to the job.

Wojnarowski also says Michael Curry was fired for “refusing to reconcile with a disgruntled star.” I can see not being able to patch things up with Richard Hamilton. But refusing to try?

Curry asked to be fired.

Joe Dumars

Terry Foster of the Detroit News has a brilliant plan:

The guy who should take over this team is the man who made the move. If Dumars wants to fix this mess, he should take over the team. He cannot keep firing coaches and moving players. Dumars must either step down as team president or step up as head coach.

Dumars is the GM. Firing coaches and moving players is his job. Of course, he should continue doing that.

It’s dysfunctional to have the same GM and coach. There needs to be checks and balance for an organization to run smoothly.

Players and coaches become tired of working with each other. This is the nature of the NBA. Despite what you think about Bill Laimber, it will be a long time, if ever, before some coaches the Pistons nine seasons like Chuck Daly did.

And even he left because the players grew tired of his message.