Big Ben Back, Probably

With the recent Rasho Nesterovic to Raptors deal, all signs now point toward Ben Wallace ending up back in Detroit. 

I’ve made my concerns known about this possibility on LoD before.  But my best attempt at articulating my thoughts about Ben to Detroit was probably on this thread over at Motown String Music :

I think some of you

are forgetting the terms Wallace left on. They weren’t joyous. He was selfish money and fame got to his head big time, he fought with Flip, and always complained about how he should have gotten more touches (this coming from one of the worst offensive players in league history).

What it comes down to is this, Ben is done, his legs are shot. Evidence? The last two seasons.

And don’t give me that veteran presence gunk. There’s a big difference in veteran leadership from, say, a Lindsey Hunter to a Ben Wallace.

Why give the 10+ minutes a game to a player who we all already know is done. This team is supposed to be going in a new direction. I’d Rather give that 10 minutes a pop to Jonas or Daye, hell, I’d give it to Trent Plaisted before I’d give it to a washed up Ben Wallace.

Absolutely pointless.”


A recent article written by Tim Furious on puts this whole Ben to Detroit folly to shame. 

Or it should anyway.

  A great line here:

“In his best days, Wallace was the most feared centers in the league. Scoring on him was like trying to pick up the hottest broad in college while wearing cargo shirts and a wife beater with a mustard stain on it.”


Then the not so positive zingers:

“In early 2008, Big Ben was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers where he registered milestones in his career. Wallace pulled down his 9,000th career rebound, and blocked his 1,900th career shot while donning the Cavs uniform. Despite those two milestones, he averaged 23.5 minutes, 2.9 points and 6.4 rebounds while raking in on his mega contract. His bank account grew bigger as his legend shriveled to nothingness, and Wallace didn’t even seem to care.”


“They’re entrenched in a youth movement, and unless they believe in Wallace’s ability to mentor young guns on the team, like Jason Maxiell, he isn’t worth the time or the money. If you’re committed to a youth movement, and an economic rebuilding phase, stick to the game plan, Joe Dumars.”


“At one time, it was easy to love Ben Wallace. He was a big guy, with big hair and big blocking. But it turns out that the only thing more important to him than his hair was cashing in on a reputation. He’s done that, won a ring, decorated his cabinet with defensive trophies, and now he’s just trying to get a bit more money. Big Ben stopped chiming in 2006. Let’s keep it that way. “



There’s really nothing else to add to this wizardry.

Except for one thing:

May we never forget the real Big Ben.

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  • Jonathan

    Ah, that’s a little mean. The NBA is built on player-greed… Ben Wallace merely signing with another team for better money probably only makes him the 376th most reprehensible player in the league.

    Not bad, really.

  • Chris

    You reap what you sew in this world!
    We don’t need nor want sombody without the heart to compeat for championships!
    He had his chance, he proved who he is and what he’s all about. Fool us once, shame on us… Fool us twice, shame on you… Big ben pissed away the honor in wearing Piston blue!

  • Chris

    I ment the other way around… Fool us once, shame on you… Fool us twice, shame on us!

  • toasterhands

    You’re very correct Jonathan. But it’s the way he went out that soured a lot of fans.

    Don’t get me wrong, if Ben ends up back in Detroit I will root for him like nobody’s business, but it will not be the same.

  • keith

    I was pretty happy when Ben left. I thought McDyess should have had most of Ben’s minutes when he got to Detroit. But given the extent to which Dumars is now focussing on offense, I think having Ben Wallace could help keep the team somewhat grounded in defense. He could at least pass off some pointers to Villanueva, who could certainly use them.

  • toasterhands

    Yeah, not to mention Mr. Wilcox as well.

  • The Rake

    Any accusation laid towards Ben about wanting to come to Detroit for money is ludicrous and shoddy. The guy reportedly wanted to retire at the end of last year. His agent pledged he wouldn’t let him walk away from $14mm, so Suns cut him and he gets $10mm…to do nothing. Why would anyone insinuate he is about money thesedays when all D can pay him would be $1.3m to come off the bench in spot duty. Check your brains and respect the man for what he did for Detroit.
    The Rake

  • Nate

    I think the leadership and veteran savvy Ben would bring would be great for the young players. He knows what it took to get to the top. Rarely does any team win the title without a mixture of vets and youth. Ben had only once chance for a max contract and he took it. Now he realizes Detroit was the perfect fit for him. We all have made decisions in the past that we regreted. How many of us have had a second chance to make good on a promise or dream? Life doesn’t offer to many do overs. If Joe signs him I say welcome back Ben.

    He may not be the same Wallace who anchored us to our only championship this decade; but he is the same Big Ben who can show the new guys the mental toughness it takes to get the job done. Where was this mental toughness in Chicago and Cleveland? That I cannot answer. However, I do know this. If he comes back it will be, to a lesser degree, like he has to prove himself all over again. With this challenge I believe he will come through if give the chance.

  • toasterhands

    Points well taken, Nate.

    Ben Wallace, I can assuredly say, is my all-time favorite Piston without a doubt. I would welcome him back warmly, as most fans would, but do not believe it is in the best interest of the team.

    Don’t forget now, Big Ben acted like a spoiled brat his last season here. Still got that sour taste lingering in my mouth from that.

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