Yes, you're reading a post about Kornel freaking David right now

Forgotten Pistons (I)

Was sorting through some old photos recently and came across a photo of Jermaine Jackson and I sitting in the nicely cushioned seats on the Palace floor prior to a game during the 99-00 season. I had attended the Detroit Pistons basketball camp in my area that previous summer and I guess part of the perk of attending the camp was courtside access prior to a select game.  Anyway, as I was looking at the photo I could not remember the last time Jermaine Jackson had popped up in my mind, the Uof Detroit Mercy product who played in 7 games with Detroit in 99/00.  I mean, I remember rooting for him to stick in the league and everything, but knew he was probably going to come up short. Then somewhere throughout the last few years or so, Jermaine Jackson just became another mediocre basketball player that keeping tabs on was just too tough a task. But the photo of Jermaine did give me an idea. 

Forgotten Pistons. 

Then I began thinking of all the guys who briefly suited up for Detroit, namely the guys who weren’t in Detroit long enough to even be regarded as terrible, worthless, annoying, and whatever else.  Just the cup a tea kinda guys.

The 1996/97 Piston season is the earliest I remember actually paying attention to the entire roster. So if you’re looking for any memories or pontifications relating to Walter Bond or Ben Coleman, you won’t find them here, because at the time they played for Detroit, I favored watching Barney over Pistons basketball.


#1 on my list

#9 Kornel David-

Only reason I remembered this cat is because of the fateful trade that even brought him here (albeit just for 10 games) in the first place– the February 2001 Jerome Williams for Corliss Williamson trade which, and you guessed it, included other players in the deal such as Kornel David, Tyrone Corbin and Eric Montross. While Tyrone Corbin was never a member of the organization, Kornel David was, and I could have done without it, personally. Never heard of the man before he became a Piston, and by the time he was gone I had just finally stopped thinking his name had two l’s instead of one. Which I guess was a blessing in disguise, because I’m having a heck of a time finding stuff to say about this guy right now.  Long live the memory of Kornel in a Piston uni (with Junkyard Dog D’ing him up I might add)


    Good post.

    My only real memory of this guy is reading about him and thinking his first and last name really needed to be switched around.

  • toasterhands

    No kidding. The guy actually started a handful of games for Chicago, back when the Bulls had Trenton Hassell and Ron Mercer starting probably.

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  • Mark

    That bulls team also featured NBA stars like AJ Guyton, Dalibor Bagaric, Rusty Larue, and I believe some other european big man that was so bad that I can remember the abvoe named players but not him. Oh and Khalid el-Amin who actually was probably our best player on the bench, but he still got waived. Good thing Eddy Curry was drafted and saved the franchise.

  • toasterhands

    I remember Bagaric, silly fool. I remember watching some Bulls games on WGN and wondering how in the hell Ron Mercer was their best player. But for one season at least, he was.

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