Toaster's Burnt Farrago

Been in the ol’ toaster too long.

Must eject.

  • Dan Feldman’s second favorite team is San Antonio, “When I watch the Spurs, I see what the Pistons could have been. And Detroit was just the Darko pick away from being San Antonio. I rarely feel strongly about a team other than the Pistons. I didn’t really root for the Spurs as much as I recognized they were everything I wished the Pistons were. But now I want them to be the rich man’s Detroit, so they can get Antonio McDyess the ring he deserves.”  (emphasis mine) Piston Powered
  • Yurie Rocha’s caricatures are friggin sweet. PistonsNation as the lowdown. Random question- Any Mr. Bean fans out there? Maybe it’s just me, but upon seeing Isiah Thomas’ caricature I immediately thought of Mr. Bean’s (Rowan Atkinson) thumbs up to Teddy.  Have a gander.



  • I agree with Dave Dial.  Amir will have a tough time finding the floor in Toronto (Full Court Press) And that’s not saying much, because the fellas in front of Amir on the bench for playing time include Reggie “I like to grab the nuts” Evans and Rasho “coulda been another Piston stiff” Nesterovic.
  • Detroit4Lyfe with some pics of athlete’s facial hair that should be illegal.  I’m glad Detroit didn’t pick up that turd Drew Gooden.
  • I’m gonna say Darko’s was at fault.  Just a hunch.  I mean, Larry Brown was a mean fire ant and all, but come on, Larry had to watch Darko pick boogers during practice. I’d sit him too.  Bare Knucks
  • Drew of Sir Charles in Charge is trying to stir the pot. It’s working.  In his latest NBA power rankings Drew puts the INDIANA PACERS and the PHILADELPHIA 76’ERS in front of Detroit.  Ok, I get it.  Detroit didn’t exactly set the word on fire with the Wilcox signing, or even the Villanueva signing for that matter.  Realistic Piston fans realize this team isn’t Eastern Conference Finals caliber anymore, that’s settled.  But to insist that the PACERS will have a better season than Detroit, in my mind, is loopy.  Who do they honestly have that can be the robin Danny Granger desperately needs?  Troy Murphy?  Brandon Rush?  Mike Dunleavy?  Gasp! Tyler Hansbrough?
  • Danny Ainge annoys me–I go bitch about it, no harm is done.  Ainge annoys Michael Jordan–now that will have some negative repercussions. Pippen Ain’t Easy
  • ShamSports with some information you must know:  Travis Knight is large.  Attention ShamSports: it was obviously a flashlight in his shorts, duh. Everyone is doing it.
  • A friend of mine loves him some Sam Young and DeMarre Carroll. Has a total man crush on the latter.  Anyway, apparently said friend will be keeping up with the Grizz a bit more now that Young and Carroll are on the team. Until I see this said friend rocking a Rudy Gay jersey, I’m calling shenanigans. Stuckinstasis 
  • Beware, angry grownup language.  But this is good:

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