Pistons Stats Pick'em Contest (prize for winner)


The participant with the most correct selections out of 15 will win a prize (TBD).  Since, obviously, the winner will not be known until the conclusion of the season, the prize won’t be something silly like a Detlef Schrempf trading card (packaged with a reverse dunking Keith Van Horn card) or a ticket stub from a Pistons-Jazz game in 2003.  The prize will be something more like a Ben Wallace bobblehead (if I can part ways with it) or a Terry Mills signed mini basketball (if I can find it amongst my disastrous basement).  However, like I said, prize is TBD– hopefully the creative minds here at LoD can think of a splendidly awesome prize by the time April 15th rolls around.

**As a reminder this post will appear again shortly before the first regular season game on October 28th.

** Weekly updates of these matchups will be posted as well


I believe most if not all of these pairs will be pretty close at season’s end.   If you think any of these are ridiculous and won’t even be close, tell us why in the comments. If you got any others, please post them in the comments as well.  And by golly, make some selections too!


Which will be greater?

 1- Will Bynum’s min/gm or Ben Gordon’s ppg

2- Ben Wallace’s free throw % or Chris Wilcox starts

3- Kwame Brown double-doubles or Ben Wallace starts

4- DaJuan Summers’ min/gm or Tayshuan Prince’s ppg

5- Rip Hamilton’s min/gm or Ben Gordon’s min/gm

6- Jonas Jerebko’s total minutes played or Ben Gordon’s total 3 pointers made

7- Ben Wallace’s ppg or Charlie Villanueva’s assists/gm

8- Jason Maxiell’s min/gm or Rip Hamilton’s ppg

9-  Will Bynum’s total 3 pointers made or Chris Wilcox double-doubles

10- Rodney Stuckey’s min/gm or Charlie Villanueva’s 3 point %

11- Ben Wallace total DNP’s or Austin Daye’s total games played

12- Charlie Villanueva’s total blocks or Rodney Stuckey’s total steals

13- Rip Hamilton’s technical fouls or Deron Washington’s total games played

14- Different starting lineups or road wins

15- Home wins or the leading scorer of the team


My selections:

1- Bynum 2- Wilcox 3- Brown 4-Summers 5- Gordon 6-Gordon 7-Villanueva 8- Hamilton 9- Wilcox 10-Stuckey 11- Daye 12- Stuckey 13- Hamilton 14- different starting lineups 15- home wins

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