Detroit Pistons win on a Sunday, and sadly that’s news

Michael Curry made me feel stupid (which proves I’m not another NBA coach).

“I think Joe (Dumars) was madder than anybody else about us losing all those Sunday games, and usually that has something to do with what you were doing Saturday night,” Curry told the Detroit Free Press after the season.

I never made anything of the Pistons’ 4-12 record in Sunday games last year. It just seemed like coincidence.

Then Curry dropped the bomb, and it all made so much sense.

I felt duped. The team had quit, and I should’ve known better. A 4-6 record is happenstance. A 4-12 record is a problem.

There were a lot of on-the-court problems last year. I could see that.

But until I read Curry’s quote, I had no idea the off-the-court issues went so deep and had such an immediate impact in the team’s play.

So, although yesterday’s 88-81 over the Philadelphia 76ers isn’t that big of a deal in and of itself, it made me happy.

One Sunday win doesn’t prove the Pistons are partying any less on Saturday nights this year. But it’s a sign they’re not.

It’d be nice to know all of last year’s trouble is behind them. (And maybe in front of the Memphis Grizzlies).

But I won’t be tricked again. I know I can’t assume the players are acting professionally. (I’m not opposed to them going out, but 4-12 says they went a little too hard for a little too long.)

Yesterday’s win should build trust between the team and the fans. It’s a step in the right direction, and that’s really all you can hope for.

Advanced statistics

Number in parentheses represent where the game’s rating would rank among NBA teams’ season totals.

Offensive rating: 104.8 (20th)

Defensive rating: 96.4 (28th)

Pace: 84.0 (31st)

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