Could the Pistons trade with Golden State?

The Pistons have a lot of pieces on the block, and so do the Warriors. So, I thought a trade between those two teams could make sense. But with so many possibilities, I had no idea where to begin. Reader Ryan Strauss sent this idea to get the ball rolling:

Detroit gets: Anthony Randloph, Vladimir Radmanovic, CJ Watson

Golden State gets: Rip -OR- Tay

This would give us some size and some youth.  Watson is obviously another guard and could well walk, but certainly talented enough to try to work in.  Golden State could take back Rip for a locker room guy though I think Tay’s contract would be more appealing – if need be, I would be willing to throw in Daye or Summers to get the deal done.

I forwarded that idea to Rasheed Malek of and asked about Tayshaun Prince for Andris Biedrins. Here’s Rasheed’s response:

1.  Prince for Biedrins- is a deal that would be pretty good for both sides.  The Warriors need an athletic 3 who can run the floor, defend and do a little bit of everything- which is exactly what Prince can bring them.  Biedrins gives the Pistons a legitimate Center who will rebound, block shots and finish inside and do the dirty work needed to win games.  The Warriors in particular Don Nelson has kinda soured on Biedrins which is not all Biedrins fault as injuries and a severe workload has been the root for his ill.  Biedrins needs to dedicate this summer to improving his offensive game as from the time he entered the league to now, there’s been minimal improvement on that end.  With no National team responsibilities this off-season, it should allow him to rest up and come back at full strength next season.

2.  From everything GM Larry Riley has said, Monta and Steph Curry are the only "Untouchables" on this roster.  Which means the Warriors would be willing to move Anthony Randolph in that right deal which really means you take Corey Maggette off our hands and we’ll toss in Anthony Randolph.  The Warriors will not move Anthony Randolph by himself or for the sake of trading him, unless a team is willing to absorb a big money contract from the Warriors, Randolph isn’t going anywhere.  Richard Hamilton would not be someone the Warriors would bring in simply because they’re quite happy with their starting backcourt and doesn’t make sense to bring in another Guard who makes big money when the pressing need for this team is a legitimate big man who can score but more importantly rebound.

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