Detroit Pistons don’t make trade, what it means for key pieces

Well, the trade deadline passed and the Pistons didn’t make a move. As I wrote before, that makes sense given their assets.

Joe Dumars probably wasn’t too interested in trading his new players, including Ben Wallace, who’s an old new player.

That leaves four veterans Dumars probably shopped to some degree. Below are my thoughts on each of them returning for at least another 29 games.

Richard Hamilton

I’m really glad Hamilton is still a Piston – really glad.

In a time when many are ditching their support – see Tom Wilson – Hamilton wants to be a Piston. That should be celebrated.

Dumars obviously signed Ben Gordon because he believes Gordon can be the type of player you don’t pass up, regardless of whom you already have. That still may be the case, but Gordon certainly hasn’t shown it yet.

The Pistons should wait to trade Hamilton until Hamilton’s value increases or Gordon becomes good enough to handle nearly all the minutes at shooting guard.

And for all the loyalty Hamilton has shown this year, I hope – probably naively – that Hamilton retires a Piston.

Tayshaun Prince

Admittedly, I’m getting a little sick of Prince. But it’s probably a good thing he’s back, too.

He’s just starting to regain his form, and nobody was going to have a strong interest in such of an expensive player who’s had only about eight strong games this season.

After this season, Prince, with his expiring contract, should be one of the Pistons’ most attractive assets. He’ll probably be playing for a different team before the next trade deadline.

And that’s sad. I’m rooting for Prince. He meant so much to this team during its six-year run as a title contender. I hope his attitude and play improve.

I just don’t see it happening.

Jason Maxiell

I really like what Maxiell has been doing as of late. He’s overpaid, but his his salary isn’t so high that can’t change.

He’s been playing very well at backup center for a team in dire need of one. Not only is he productive, he’s playing with purpose. I like this Maxiell.

I’m not sure of his ideal position going forward, but he keeps doing enough that I’m not ready to give up on him.

I think a very good case scenario would be him playing up to his contract. I’m at least enticed enough by what he’s shown lately to be happy he’s still around.

Kwame Brown

I said before, the Pistons should trade Brown. I even offered a few suggestions. But the Pistons wasted his expiring contract – at least until it provides more flexibility in the offseason.

Brown and John Kuester clearly aren’t one the same page, and I doubt there’s enough time left in the season to fix that.

I just hope there’s not a substantial feud that distracts the Pistons from progress the rest of this season and Brown sails off quietly into free agency.

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