Rod Thorn recalls Detroit Pistons memories

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"I loved working in the front office, where I was in charge of issuing fines, among other things. This was during the Pistons and all the Bad Boy stuff. They gave me no choice; I had to fine them a few times. One day the Pistons were in New York to play the Knicks, and the NBA offices are located in Midtown. I was out to lunch when Ricky Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer came by the office. They had a very professional-looking sign with them, and they super-glued it to my door. And the sign said: ‘This office was furnished through fines paid for by the Detroit Pistons.’ Well, we couldn’t get the sign off. We tried almost everything, but that thing was super-glued tight. Finally we got it off, and it made a big hole in the door.

"While I worked in the league office, I’d gone to a game in Detroit; I used to play for the Pistons back in the 1960s. I’m sitting near the court, and during the game on the overhead scoreboard they had a question — such-and-such played for Detroit at a certain time. I really wasn’t paying attention. All of a sudden, I hear the crowd booing and I said to myself, what the heck is that all about? Well, they were booing me. I was the answer to the question. I wasn’t too popular there.

"Another time in Detroit, I was sitting a few rows up, and with about a minute left in the game, a guy walks by and says, ‘You’re a [bleep].’ I don’t say anything, I just let him keep walking. And then this older lady, who’s sitting in front of me, turns around and says, ‘That guy is right. You are a [bleep].’

"I was with Horace Balmer, the director of security, and he says, ‘I’m never sitting here with you again.’"

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