Gordon's heroics not enough

I didn’t get a chance to see the game until there was about 2:30 left in the fourth quarter, but I might fire up the DVR if I can find the time.

After suffering a collapse in New Jersey in a game they largely dominated, the Pistons seemed like they might be in for a bit of thievery themselves. With seven seconds on the clock Ben Gordon kicked it out to Charlie Villanueva who was able to sink a corner 3-pointer to give the Pistons a 104-103 lead.

On the ensuing possession, the Pistons successfully sealed off Kevin Durant, and Jeff Green was stuck with the ball in his hands and not a real plan on what to do. With no other options he drove down the key. Jason Maxiell was guarding him, and I’d love to know why he played so far off of Green and allowed him to get around to the baseline instead of trying to funnel him back inside to where most of his help defenders were. Green easily sank an essentially uncontested layup and with no timeouts Ben Gordon drove down the court with no sense of the time left on the clock and time ran out without him even putting up a shot.

Gordon was the high scorer in the game with 32 points on 11-16 shooting. Stuckey played another strong game with 24 points and nine assists while shooting over 50 percent from the floor (10-18).

Unfortunately, the Pistons were again outrebounded and I don’t think you can expect to win many games when you allow your opponents to shoot 44 free throws, especially when they make 37 of them.

Elsewhere, it was another rough night for starting power forward Austin Daye. He shot only 2-11 from the floor and grabbed just four rebounds in 25 minutes. And rookie Greg Monroe again was saddled with a DNP-coach’s decision. Hopefully this is a little tough love that pays off for the rookie.

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