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After the verbal altercation in last night’s game against the Warriors, I was curious what Tayshaun Prince would have to say following the game. As luck would have it, Sam Amick of NBA Fanhouse had a nice little profile of Prince ready to go and was able to frame it perfectly against last night’s debacle.

Some choice excerpts, but you should really read the whole thing. Here he is commenting after the win in Sacremento pre-blowup, which in hindsight looks like a sign of what was about to happen in San Francisco:

“We have a lot of talent on this team,” he began in a postgame chat with FanHouse. “But I think at the same time coach is having a hard time trying to figure the right pieces out and, uh, when you have so many talented guys on one team, you try to make it gel and you try to find the right pieces and I think he’s still trying it figure that out. It’s been nine, 10 games now, so hopefully we can start playing some more consistent basketball and then we’ll go from there.”

And here he is following the game against Golden State:

“I voiced my opinion; he voiced his,” Prince told reporters. “We (were) getting our heads bashed in, and I felt I had something to say and he felt he had something to say. There was a situation there where everything we were trying to do out there it seemed like nothing was going our way. They was picking us apart, and I just thought I had something to say. … We put everything aside and said let’s go and try to win this game.”

“It’s something that happens,” said Prince, who had a similar dustup with Kuester last season. “You can call me the bad guy, because I’ve pretty much said something to (former Detroit coaches) Flip (Saunders), Larry (Brown) and all my other coaches, so it’s part of the game. Maybe the way I handled it wasn’t the right way, but when you’re getting beat by 30 early, strange things happen.

“This was a one-game situation. I hope it don’t happen again. I can’t say it won’t, because I’m the type of guy that, if I don’t see something right, I’ve gotta say something.”

In the piece, Prince also addresses his upcoming free agency, the possibility of a trade and why he’s got a lot of basketball left in him.

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