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Tweet-troit: Lazy Pistons Tweeters beware of Need4Sheed

Catching up with the Pistons on Twitter

For all of the very active Pistons on Twitter, Natalie at Need4Sheed exposed the Piston with the most inactive account, Rodney Stuckey.

Natalie discovered that Stuckey’s Twitter page was essentially a RSS feed that just captured headlines from around the web mentioning Stuckey and Tweeted them. Not a bad strategy for a player who gets a lot of positive press. But for a player like Stuckey, who is as polarizing a Piston as it gets with many vocal defenders of him on one side and many on the other who believe he has no future as a point guard in this league, there are as many negative headlines as positive ones. And sure enough, Stuckey’s Twitter account was not descriminating, as evidenced by Stuckey’s account Tweeting a column Justin Rogers wrote entitled ‘Tracy McGrady should be the Pistons starting point guard.’

The definitive proof came when Natalie wrote a headline — “Rodney Stuckey: I like Unicorns, Cotton Candy, Star Trek and Harry Potter Movies” — which was, sure enough, Tweeted by the Stuckey account.

All of the offending posts have since (surprise!) been deleted by whoever it was who was supposed to maintain Stuckey’s account for him, but they are preserved for ever over at N4S if you care to look.

Most other Pistons-related Tweets this week were travel-related, since the team was on a road trip. First, Charlie Villanueva was sure to hear crickets when it came to responses for this query:

What is there to do in Utah?

And beat writers Vince Ellis of the Freep and Vincent Goodwill of the News had some adventurous sounding commutes. First from Ellis:

Stuck on the tarmac in Atl for 30 minutes waiting for a gate. #hartsfieldsucks.

As for Goodwill, at least he got on the plane. Unfortunately, so did an apparently annoying kid next to him:

“I’m thirsty” “what’s that thing” “is that the gas tank” “why do we have to fly delta” “cut the light off” “when r we taking off” #annoyed

And since no other players really Tweeted much interesting this week, we’ll just stick to the wild and crazy guys covering the team. Here was Ellis from the Lakers game:

Staples Center wireless is awful so tweets rare tonight. #Pistons.

Makes sense. Just stick to the most important observations. After all, who wants to mess around trying to get off a frivolous Tweet only to have the wireless fail? And his very next Tweet was certainly no frivolity:

Mario Lopez courtside with backward hats on. #Pistons.

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