Contract extensions and accountability

Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press yesterday:

The forward-thinking move would be signing McGrady to a two-year extension at a modest cost before he hit the open market this summer

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press today:

Several readers have suggested the Pistons extend Tracy McGrady to avoid the 14-year veteran hitting the open market this summer. That’s understandable considering a case can be made that he has been the Pistons’ MVP.

One problem — the Pistons can’t.

Contracts for fewer than four seasons can’t be extended, so the one-year deal McGrady signed last summer wouldn’t be eligible for an extension.

“Readers have suggested” – readers like Sharp? Way to pass the buck.

It annoys me Sharp got this wrong. It bothers me the Free Press didn’t admit its mistake. It ticks me off the paper blames others.

If you make a mistake, admit it and deal with. It’s not a huge deal. It happens to all of us.

But don’t disrespect your readers. I’m sure Ellis is telling the truth in that several readers suggested a McGrady extension, but that’s not the point. None of the readers spread the inaccuracy in the same medium where you’re correcting them. Sharp did.

I hope this doesn’t pass for a correction these days.

Ellis continues:

In fact, the only Pistons eligible for an extension are Tayshaun Prince, Jason Maxiell and Rip Hamilton.

In fact, Jason Maxiell and Richard Hamilton won’t be eligible for extensions until the fall. In addition to originally signing at a least a four-year contract, which Ellis correctly noted, a player can’t sign an extension until three years after signing his contract or previous extension, according to Larry Coon’s Frequently Asked Questions. Maxiell signed his extension in October 2008, and Hamilton signed his extension in November 2008.

I wonder whom the Free Press will blame for that mistake.

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