John Hollinger proposes the Pistons trade Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince to the Clippers for Chris Kaman, more

ESPN’s John Hollinger came up with a few trade ideas today, including one involving the Pistons and Clippers. Let’s take a look.


Pistons receive:

Player 2010/2011 2011/2012 2012/2013
Chris Kaman $11,800,000 $12,700,000 $0
Randy Foye $4,250,000 $4,250,000 $0
Rasual Butler $2,400,000 $0 $0
Brian Cook $1,146,337 $1,265,976 $0
Total $19,596,337 $18,215,976 $0
  • First-round pick
  • $3 million cash

Clippers receive:

Player 2010/2011 2011/2012 2012/2013
Richard Hamilton $12,500,000 $12,500,000 $12,500,000
Tayshaun Prince $11,148,760 $0 $0
Terrico White $473,604 $788,872 $0
Total $24,122,364 $13,288,872 $12,500,000

-Player option

-Not fully guaranteed

John Hollinger’s explanation

This one seems too obvious not to pursue — Detroit offloads an unhappy camper and saves $12.5 million on the last year of the contract and adds a big man who hails from Michigan, while the Clippers get a potent sixth man for their rotation in return for a player who has become marginalized by DeAndre Jordan’s development. Several permutations of this deal work, especially if we involve a third team to take Jason Maxiell or Charlie Villanueva off the Pistons’ hands, but I’ve linked to a two-team deal that I like the best.

A straight-up Kaman-for-Hamilton deal is somewhat unfair in favor of the Pistons. But not dramatically so, and we can build off that. Send Tayshaun Prince to the Clippers and dangle a future first-round pick, Randy Foye and $3 million to pay Foye in front of Detroit and things even out. Obviously the key to this deal would be having Prince, an LA native, agree to an extension with the Clippers before the trade. The Pistons’ sale also shouldn’t be an impediment to this particular trade, as Detroit would send out more dollars than it takes back.

If the Clippers pulled this off, they’d immediately become a force in the West. The frontcourt would be thin, but with Prince filling the 3 and Hamilton coming off the bench, their top eight would be as good as anyone’s and they’d likely make a playoff run next season.


I’d do it if I were the Pistons. Unfortunately, Breene Murphy of ClipperBlog didn’t find the deal as enticing:

I can’t imagine the Clippers would do this, considering all the money they would take on with the new CBA.

Am I crazy in thinking that Rip isn’t that good anymore? I mean, I’ve only seen a couple games of Detroit’s, but still.

And Kaman is at an all time low in terms of trade value. Why not wait and use him for better trades next year when his expiring contract and improved play can possibly draw a big time free agent that’s leaving?

I normally think that the Clippers overvalue Kaman, but the Clippers need a big more than a small forward, in my opinion. I think that Ryan Gomes rights himself to the extent he becomes serviceable and having Tayshaun on an extension blocks the possible development of Aminu. And while Tayshaun would be a monumental upgrade this year, I’m not sure it’s good for the future. And the Clippers are all about the future.

I guess I was just hopeful because someone unbiased thought the Pistons could make this trade.

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