Getting to know Tom Gores: Possible new Pistons owner grew up in Genesee Township, not Flint

Dan linked to an article yesterday with some history of Tom Gores’ family and business ties. It went over well. But the internet is a big place, so today I’ll link as many articles I can find about the man who may or may not be the next Pistons owner.

As a Flint resident, nothing is more annoying than the perception that filmmaker Michael Moore is from Flint. Not to make this a political debate, because it has nothing to do with liking or rejecting Moore. It’s just that Moore, who is actually from Davison, a Flint suburb, represents a habit that suburbanites tend to have: just saying you’re from Flint because you’re kinda close to it. Sorry guys, anyone who has driven through the suburbs and through Flint itself knows it’s not the same.

So don’t say Gores is a Flint native. He’s a Genesee Township native. There is a difference — Genesee Township is a small community. Some people he grew up with recently spoke of his character to the Flint Journal, including his love of sports:

“He was a very good student, a very good athlete,” said Masserang, who was also Gores’ physical education instructor. “He was a good player. He was very respectful. He had a lot of self confidence, just a real good kid to coach and teach.”

“He loved sports,” said Powell, who last saw Gores when they had dinner in Detroit a few years ago. “He was very, very competitive. He was a winner even way back then. He never wanted to lose. He and I would play one-on-one basketball before practice and he always wanted to beat me. I know he still plays one-on-one basketball with his friends and wants to win. He never wants to lose.”


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