Tweet-troit: Tracy McGrady, Greg Monroe and Austin Daye all vying for funniest Piston Tweeter

We all need a little levity, right? This is our periodic roundup of the best of the Pistons on Twitter.

When I do these Twitter roundups, I usually like to focus on just one or two players who had particulary prolific stretches on Twitter. Three guys this time were pretty good. Tracy McGrady, Austin Daye and Greg Monroe are all highly entertaining, but there can only be one winner. Here’s what they were talking about over the last couple weeks:

Here was Daye’s best:

Laying in bed Watchin a movie…is it weird that at my age I think Disney movies r hilarious (Kung Fu Panda, Shrek ect.)????

The multiple question marks make me think Daye is very concerned about his kids-movie watching habit. It’s OK. I think.

Monroe, meanwhile, is more concerned with why people always rush to Beyonce’s defense:

y beyonce fans gotta defend her for no reason everytime another female artist doin somethin? she the best dang. lol jus let them ppl perform

But as you’ll see, the next two by McGrady are clearly the winners. First, the runner-up, in response to a question from a fan about what it will take to sign him next year:

brinks truck lol RT @Eburgess116 @TheReal_TMAC hey mac with your contract being up this year can we count on u to resign in the off season

Haha. But seriously, don’t listen to him Joe Dumars. You’ve taken a lot of free agents up on that ‘Brinks Truck’ contract demand lately. Here’s McGrady’s winner. No words to describe it. It’s just gold:

yeah cant rock the skinny jeans. gotta smh at that… construction issue. crane in da way

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