Greg Monroe’s calmness might come from nature, but his love of crawfish probably stems from nurture

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press wrote a couple good stories on Greg Monroe over the weekend. Among the highlights:

Monroe’s uncle explains why the rookie always looks calm, maybe too calm, on the court:

"I think it’s just a trait that we’re born with in our family," Dixon Jr. said. "We stay calm in all cases because we expect the best.

"Sometimes if you get overhyped or overexcited about a situation and different things, you are unable to make that play, and I think we realize that. Maybe it’s just genetic to keep calm."

How Monroe overcame getting a lot his shots blocked:

"Greg’s not the highest vertical leaper in the gym, but he does have broad shoulders and he’s 6-11," Hetzel said. "He had to figure out how to get his shot up, how to use his body, to use his shoulders, the quickness of getting the ball out of hand and on to the backboard before the athletes that are at the NBA level can block it."

So they worked on Monroe getting the shot to the backboard as quickly as possible, and they used pads for Monroe to hit before going up for a shot.

Whenever a family member visits Monroe, his mom sends New Orleans-style food for her son. What should she send next?

"Right now I would like some boiled crawfish …about 6 or 7 pounds," Monroe said with laugh. "Spicy, tasty, boiled crawfish right now.

"By myself, easy. That’s not even a full serving."

There’s plenty more in the articles, so read both.

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