Joe Dumars: ‘I’m disappointed with a lot of guys and their actions this year’

Matt Dery interviewed Joe Dumars before the Pistons played the Cavaliers tonight and asked plenty of pointed questions. Kudos to Dery for going hard. Among the notable Dumars quotes:

We felt like we should have been a playoff team this year. We had a lot of dysfunction this year, things that we weren’t pleased with and that we’re not used to seeing here in Detroit.

I’ll be the first person to raise my hand and say, ‘You know what? Let me take whatever blame that needs to be taken, let me be the first person to step up and take some of that blame as to us not making the playoffs this year.’

Dery also asked Dumars whether he’d mad a decision about John Kuester. I found Dumars’ answer interesting. Although, he said there would need to be conversations in the offseason, he never explicitly denied having already made a decision. He just called the discussion “inappropriate” to have publicly now

In perhaps the most interesting segment of the interview, Dery asked Dumars to respond to Rodney Stuckey refusing to enter a game on Dennis Rodman night. Dumars responded:

I’m disappointed with a lot of guys and their actions this year. So I’ll stop short of just singling out Stuckey. We had a lot guys that I was disappointed in, in their actions this year. That situation that you just mentioned was one of them. But I don’t want to just single him out, because there’ve been some other things happening this year that were un-Piston-like and that we’re all disappointed in.

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