Adelman would be great addition to Detroit

While fans obsess over unproven collegiate and international prospects ahead of this year’s draft (GUILTY), one thing to keep in mind is that just as important is the choice of head coach. Nothing has made that more clear than the past three seasons of uninspired coaching in Detroit. The clearly overmatched Michael Curry who didn’t have the Xs and Os technique nor the leadership skills to navigate the Allen Iverson, Richard Hamilton debacle, and the unfortunately hamstrung John Kuester who couldn’t will a mistmatched roster to victories and didn’t have the communication chops to navigate the varied interests among proud veterans, big-money free agents and young building blocks.

But when you look at the NBA landscape, the available coaching ranks have been pretty paltry. Until now. It was announced that Rick Adelman has been let go following four mostly disappointing years in Houston. Known as an offensive guru and someone players respect, he could be the kind of splash that helps turn the Pistons around.

He came to the Rockets amid the hype of future championships, but injuries to his two big stars, Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming, robbed him of the opportunity year after year. The only worry is that if leaving Houston was truly a mutual parting of ways, it indicates he might not be interested in a true rebuilding project that Detroit obviously is. Houston is also trying to remake itself, but it is obviously much farther along in the process.

Once the fate of John Kuester is finally decided, I will take a more in-depth look at available coaching candidates, but for now I just wanted to put Adelman’s name out there. If Tom Gores wanted to bring a tried-and-true coach, and make a big splash as a new owner, Adelman would be one way to do it.

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  • kalorama

    Adelman is a great coach, maybe the most under-rated coach in the NBA the last 2 decades, but unless there’s a major overhaul of the Pistons’ roster in the offseason, including signing some big impact FAs, there’s no reason to think he’d have any interest in coaching a young, rebuilding team. He took over the Rockets thinking he was getting a team on the verge of contending and then got sunk by injuries and ended up scrapping and clawing for a playoff spot every year. I’d expect him to be looking for a team that’s further along the development path than the mess the Pistons have.

    • Jay

      I don’t know about that. While Adelman took over houston because of their year-in-year-out championship material, Adelman can still make a decent winner out of any team. If you look at the development of players like Kyle Lowry and Aarron brooks, its clear that Adelman’s ability to create better players out of nothing is unparalleled in the NBA. That being said, the pistons are an obviously rebuilding franchise, but we still have a lot of promising building blocks and a good GM and now a good owner in gores. I think Adelman will be a great fit in detroit, and given that he was snubbed by the lakers, I think he’ll want to fill a vacancy in a team like the pistons, which prior to the allen iverson debaucle held the record for most conference finals appearances in the NBA. Joe Dumars built that team. and now that we have a clear owner dedicated to rebuilding a championship team I think hiring adelman will push the pistons to compete with the heat in… 3 seasons. we’ve got some good role players and starters, we just need a star. but adelman can be our star for now. assuming he is man enough for the challenge.

  • Torgoman

    Plus you know he respects our Bad Boy history. They kicked his ass!