Tayshaun Prince did the wave while John Kuester ran a timeout in New Jersey

Devin Kharpertian of NetsAreScorching sent me this wonderful anecdote about Tayshaun Prince and John Kuester:

For my dad’s birthday, I took him to see Nets-Pistons on January 21st. (I actually won the tickets, but that’s irrelevant to this story.) During a third quarter timeout, John Kuester had his back to the court, talking to Tayshaun Prince about something, probably defense. the Nets MC (Marco G) was doing laps around the court, holding a giant sign with two hands on it, imploring the arena to do the wave. Like everything else in the Prudential Center, the fans did it pretty halfheartedly. However, when Marco ran past the Pistons bench – still behind Kuester, so he couldn’t see what was going on – Prince would put his hands in the air, pretending to be in a defensive stance but really just doing the wave. He did this three times, maybe four. Kuester had no clue.

Dunno if that adds anything to your 2010-11 Pistons experience, but it’s a nugget I’ve held onto since game night that really gave me and my dad quite a laugh.

I’m not mad at Prince. I’m sure this didn’t affect his play. If we didn’t know anything else about the Pistons’ season, this would seem harmless, just a veteran having some fun in the middle of an 82-game grind.

Considering what we know, though, maybe Prince was trying to show up Kuester. But I’m not going to dwell on that.

This is just funny.

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