The Big Answer?: Ben Gordon

DF then: Can he eclipse the Diawara Line in 79 percent of his games?

This coincides with a lengthier post I had planned for last year and can’t be fully explained in this spirit of this series. So, check shortly for a full post explaining the Diawara Line.

DF now: No, but it was irrelevant

Here’s that post about Ben Gordon and the Diawara Line. The Diawara Line appeared significant for Gordon, because, historically, he was a high-volume shooter who had too many poor-shooting games.

But that wasn’t the case this year. Often, Gordon didn’t shoot enough. So, measuring his value solely by true shooting percentage doesn’t make much sense. Hopefully, Gordon will regain his confidence, shoot more and make the Diawara Line relevant next season.

For the record, Gordon topped the Diawara Line in 71 percent of his games (58 of 82) this year.

PH then: Is he a starter?

Ben Gordon is not going to win the starting shooting guard job with Richard Hamilton present. Gordon’s explosiveness is just much better suited as a super-sub type player. But Gordon does not view himself as a sixth man, nor does his salary suggest he is one.

The Pistons need to find out if they have a young veteran who will develop a more all-around approach if he’s given an expanded role, or if they have a one-dimensional scorer who’s locked into an above-market-rate long-term deal.

PH now: No

Gordon was severely hampered by injuries a year ago. This season, he was fairly healthy. But he played with no confidence and didn’t fit with the personnel or the offense the Pistons tried to run. To his credit, he was professional about it and didn’t sulk or complain in the media like some of his teammates did. But he also showed he doesn’t do anything else well enough to command a starting job if his shot isn’t falling. He’s loose with the ball when handling it, doesn’t create for teammates and, although he tries, he doesn’t defend his position well. I can’t see him being more than a good sixth man in the NBA.

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