The Big Answer?: Ben Wallace

DF then: Will he enjoy this season?

I really think Ben Wallace had fun last season. He was back in his professional home and playing with old friends like Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince. Most importantly, he played well. Wallace is a prideful guy, and I think he would have regretted passing on retirement if he couldn’t make a significant impact on the court.

Wallace has meant so much to this franchise, I just want him to be glad he re-signed again.

DF now: Probably not

Wallace’s brother died in February, and he said that could push him toward retirement. More than anything, that probably defined his season.

He also produced less than last year and battled injuries. Add the Pistons’ inner turmoil, and perhaps, the feeling that John Kuester slighted his friend and teammate, Richard Hamilton, and it’s hard to believe Wallace will take many fond memories from this year.

On the bright side, I believe Wallace is the only Piston on record as enjoying playing for Kuester.

PH then: Are people doubting him again?

Last year, Wallace was signed and it was met with a collective of “he’s washed up!” giggles from most Pistons fans (Note: Not from this Pistons fan). All Wallace did last year was show that stories of his decline were very premature. He wasn’t the game-changing force he was in his prime, but he’s still one of the best defensive big men in the league.

This offseason, there has been talk about the need to limit his minutes. Why? He played only 28 minutes per game last year, and although he did have a minor injury, he showed no signs of wearing down as the season progressed. The only player whose production I have no doubts about this year is Ben Wallace.

PH now: Yes, and rightfully so

I admit, I got overly excited by Wallace’s resurgence last season. The Pistons were absolutely right to limit his minutes, and even though they did just that, Wallace still wore down. Wallace is still a useful rotation big and a great model to keep around for their young players, but it’s unclear whether he’s motivated to put his body through another season, particularly if there’s a chance the team will struggle.

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