Joe Dumars might consider re-signing Tayshaun Prince, according to Tayshaun Prince's agent

Perry Farrell of the Detroit Free Press reports that Joe Dumars reached out to Tayshaun Prince‘s agent, Bill Duffy, before the lockout to express an interest in re-signing Prince:

Bill Duffy, the agent for Pistons free-agent forward Tayshaun Prince, said he was contacted by Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars before the July 1 lockout to say he was interested in re-signing the veteran.

Duffy also says Prince will test the market, but would potentially be interested in a return to Detroit. This, simply, is all kinds of crazy on both sides. Matt Watson sums up nicely why it makes no sense for the Pistons:

This strikes me as insane. For one, Prince was among the most visible of last year’s malcontents — if Dumars is serious about changing the team’s culture, he must recognize this and make a clean break.

But more importantly, it’s simply asinine to keep an expensive veteran on a team that’s at least several years away from seriously contending. Invest the money in a big man, and invest the playing time in developing younger, cheaper players who almost certainly have more productive years left in their career like Jonas Jerebko, Austin Daye and (yes) Kyle Singler.

And from Prince’s perspective … why? I like Prince. He’s a good, solid all-around player, one of the most intelligent players in the league. He was also obviously miserable last season, playing on a young team that didn’t play with the toughness the Pistons teams of the past played with and certainly is not yet savvy enough to match Prince’s basketball IQ. He was visibly frustrated.

And worse, the things that Prince brings to the table don’t really show up much on a bad team. I mean, hopefully some of his intelligence rubbed off on younger teammates last season. But as we saw, a team with Prince as the primary offensive option is not going to win much. A team without a rim-protecting presence behind Prince is going to make his solid perimeter defense less noticeable. A team without a true point guard is going to cause Prince to hold onto the ball way too long.

Prince’s skillset would just simply be way more valuable on a team with more talent surrounding him.

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