Charlie Villanueva “leaning toward” playing in the Dominican Republic

Via Jorge Sierra of HoopsHype:

“I’m actually leaning towards likely playing in Dominican Republic, my home country,” Villanueva texted when asked about overseas options. “If I play there in Dominican Republic, it won’t be for the pay, but it will be for my people. They are passionate about the game of basketball.

“One hundred percent, basketball is my passion. If the lockout continues, it won’t stop me from doing what I love to do. Overseas is a possibility for sure.”

Sometimes – OK, often – Charlie Villanueva can be frustrating to watch on the court. But off it, much more often than not, he’s very likable.

Just yesterday, I was bemoaning the fact that Tracy McGrady didn’t show a strong to desire to play for the Pistons. (Again, well within McGrady’s rights, and I hope he plays wherever makes him happiest.) So, it’s nice to see Villanueva care so deeply about the Dominican Republic. Even though I have no connection to the Caribbean nation, I respect his passion.

Also, without knowing Sierra’s question, I’m not sure how seriously to take Villanueva’s plans. Did Sierra ask, “Do you plan to play overseas?” Or did he ask, “If you play overseas, where would you play?” Villanueva’s first sentence makes sense either way, but the context is much different depending on the question.


I emailed Sierra, and he confirmed his question was about whether Villanueva planned to play overseas, not where Villanueva would play if he plays overseas. So, Villanueva is “leaning towards likely playing in Dominican Republic” – no ifs.

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