Michael Rosenberg: Assertion that Joe Dumars was forced to hire Lawrence Frank is 'laughable'

ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that Joe Dumars felt Mike Woodson was the best choice as Pistons coach while Tom Gores and his Platinum Equity colleagues were more impressed by Lawrence Frank. The inference, then, would be that Gores possibly overruled Dumars. Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press says that’s not the case though:

“Any assertion that Joe Dumars was somehow coerced into hiring Lawrence Frank is laughable. Frank has been the likely choice for weeks.”

Even if Dumars favored Woodson over Frank, that doesn’t mean he also wasn’t high on Frank. We know that the Pistons’ hiring process dragged for a long time. Gores has also expressed his desire to learn on the job and to not make decisions without putting a fair amount of time and thought into them. Maybe they identified Woodson and Frank as their two best candidates, interviewed both, and then had healthy internal dialogue on the merits of each. Even if Dumars had a preference for Woodson, that doesn’t mean he was somehow overruled and is now stuck with a coach he doesn’t want in Frank. I would like to think that, based on Gores’ previous comments about his management style, that the team considered many factors and spent the last few weeks reaching a consensus that Frank was the best man for the job. Gores is a smart enough business man to know that it would be a mistake to force a coach on Dumars if Dumars absolutely believed that coach wasn’t right for the job.

UPDATE (via Jason in the comments):

Vincent Goodwill tweeted this:

Contrary to what’s been posted nationally, this was not a Dave Checketts move, IMO…a little heavy-handed stuff to this point


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