Getting to know Lawrence Frank

For those of you with Lawrence Frank’s background, Vincent Goodwill and Eric Lacy of The Detroit News wrote a fairly lengthy article on Frank’s road to the Pistons:

From there, Frank went to Indiana University, serving as Bobby Knight’s student manager from 1989-92.

Abunassar (Farmington Hills, Detroit Catholic Central) came to Bloomington a year later, and often chided Frank about his one-track mind.

"His focus was so strong," Abunassar said. "We used to tell him, ‘Go out to dinner, catch a new movie.’"

Abunassar said Frank probably didn’t know where a movie theater was near campus, and it probably hasn’t changed since.

Frank then spent three seasons as a Grizzlies assistant under Brian Hill.

He compiled scouting reports and pored over hours of game film for the Grizzlies, hardly the glamorous life.

With the Grizzlies, it wasn’t uncommon for Frank to be in the gym during the wee hours of the night, fetching balls for Shareef Abdur-Rahim, then the franchise’s best player.

"Shareef told me at the draft, two in the morning, three in the morning, Lawrence was there for him," Abunassar said. "When you’re around someone who wants so much for you, they respect it."

Abunassar is Joe Abunassar, the Las Vegas-based trainer who trains, among others, Austin Daye. Daye recently spoke with Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated about Abunassar:

On his offseason plans, which include working out with trainer Joe Abunassar at Impact Academy in Las Vegas and renting a house in the desert with friends Rudy Gay (Memphis small forward) and Kyle Lowry (Houston point guard):

"[Abunassar] is one of the best in the business. I love working out with him because he has been with me since I left [Gonzaga] my sophomore year [in 2009] and I plan on working out with him for the rest of my career. He has just been great to me.

"Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry, we’re all good friends. Of all the guys who come there, I think us three are really close with [Abunassar] and it’s really like a father-son relationship. We’re really good friends, so it’s really fun, especially when we compete against each other in games or when we’re on the same team."

That explains why Daye endorsed Frank so heartily. After reading Goodwill’s and Lacy’s article, you might follow suit.

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