Did Dennis Rodman's lack of offense help or hurt his teams?

Ethan Sherwood Strauss at HoopSpeak has an interesting take on Dennis Rodman and his offense, or lack thereof, wondering if it actually mattered that Rodman basically abstained from one end of the court. I liked this passage a lot:

For now, Dennis Rodman signifies the gap between Dave Berri and John Hollinger. Berri’s stat (Wins Produced) doesn’t punish Rodman’s wall flowering and Hollinger’s PER does. Most advanced stats tend to reward participatory players. After all, if everyone played like Dennis Rodman, offenses would score 40 points per game.

But very few played like Dennis Rodman in a league so obsessed with scoring and scorers. And very few won like Dennis Rodman, a player who contributed to 55+ win seasons for three different franchises.

There’s probably no way the debate on this will ever be over. Scoring and offense are valued so much that some basketball fans will simply never understand the value of a player like Rodman. But I hope the discussion is an ongoing one, particularly considering Ben Wallace‘s case for the Hall of Fame will be very similar to Rodman’s and I’m interested to see if Rodman getting in ultimately help’s Wallace get in.

Also, apropos of nothing, The Hoops Doctors compiled video of some of Rodman’s best moments irritating opponents, including commenter gmehl’s favorite, Rodman vs. Frank Brickowski in the 1996 NBA Finals.

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