Brandon Knight coaches Kentucky alums in exhibition game

Although an ankle sprain forced Brandon Knight to sit out an exhibition between Kentucky and Western Kentucky alums on Tuesday, Knight still found a way to get involved, taking over coaching duties for his team. From The Associated Press:

The 19-year-old has remained close to Kentucky’s fan base since declaring for the draft after the Wildcats’ Final Four run last season.

“I’m happy with my decision, and I always will be,” he said. “It was the best time to go.”

On Tuesday, Knight became increasingly active on the sideline in his “Big Blue” team’s 112-97 loss to a “Big Red” team led by the Houston Rockets’ Courtney Lee and the Utah Jazz’s Jeremy Evans.

With seven minutes to go in the fourth — the blue team trailing by double digits — Knight started jeering officials over a foul called on former teammate Josh Harrellson, a second-round selection by the New Orleans Hornets.

“I’ve gotta get this ref’s name,” he said, as a crowd split between Wildcat blue and Hilltopper red laughed.

The article also says that Knight hung around and signed a lot of autographs before the game. I think every Pistons fan is more than anxious to actually see Knight play, but hopefully the fact that he’s been a fixture at these types of fan events in Kentucky most of the summer is a small consolation that Pistons fans can get excited about.

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