Drag Race: Ben Wallace vs. Antonio McDyess

This is the latest in a feature called “Drag Race.” Patrick and I pit two players, one Piston and one non, against each other with the question in mind: Which would you rather have on your team? Age, salary, everything count. For free agents, assume the players receive similar contracts.

Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace might retire and so might Antonio McDyess, so one or both of these players could have no value. I hope not, because they’ve been two of my favorite players.

Both play tough and smart, work hard and appear to be good teammates. At this point, very little separates them.

I’d give the edge to Wallace, though, because he’s had a very good season most recently. In 2009-10, Wallace was the Pistons’ best player, a year after McDyess held that honor.

-Dan Feldman

Antonio McDyess

I love both of these players and I hope both decide to play another year in the NBA.

If I’m a contending team looking for a veteran big, though? I’d probably take McDyess. He could play forever because of his skillset. He’s a strong defender. He can still rebound and his 15-footer is as reliable as ever.

Wallace can still defend and rebound, but he’s no longer the rim protector he was in his prime and, unlike McDyess, Wallace doesn’t have the threat of that 15-footer that makes defenses honest against him.

Both guys would still prove useful on any bench, but at this point in their careers, I think McDyess is just a bit more valuable.

-Patrick Hayes

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