Detroit Pistons Drop 13-Point Third Quarter Lead To Minnesota Timberwolves

The Detroit Pistons seem no more solid than they did in this season’s start. Despite the noise being made about the potential that the future stars of the team hold, they are still stalling when it matters the most.

Right now.

Right now, when they could take advantage of a shorter season and teams that lack the veteran intelligence and stamina to profoundly succeed consistently through the NBA year, the Pistons sit 3-12.

The Detroit basketball franchise has not been known for their victories in the past several seasons, but things look considerably worse than they ever have. With Greg Monroe, a rising star in the organization, scoring only four points in the previous game against the Houston Rockets and subsequently fouling out against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Tayshaun Prince was the team’s leading scorer. Unfortunately the Pistons could not depend on a fourth quarter effort from the veteran to seal the deal against an inexperienced Minnesota team.

Prince scored only four of his 29 points in the fourth quarter, as he was meticulously shut down by Minnesota’s Anthony Tolliver and the Pistons dropped a 13-point lead going in the fourth.

It was so disappointing for those who had been watching Detroit play smart, for the most part, and then watch them suddenly collapse. Instead of enjoying the win after a hard fought game against another team early in its stages of development, with the exception of Kevin Love, the Pistons have another problem on their hands.

Finishing games is something that has become more of a skill than an expectation in the league and Detroit is the next franchise up that has yet to recognize a formula to the problem.

This is just another tick to add to the con of the current roster standing in Detroit.

While the Pistons went out on a limb to secure players like Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, who seem to be contributing less and less to the franchise’s success, they have put themselves at a massive disadvantage. There are no closers on the squad, because there are no defined leaders and without this fraction of offensive stance Coach Lawrence Frank will be yet another coach blamed for the failures of Detroit’s front office.

The coaching carousel will continue and the in and out of developmental guards will consistently be exposed if Joe Dumars does not begin to assess the team’s problems correctly. This season needs to be different and so far things are churning out the same if not worse results than before.

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