The 'Free Vernon Macklin' movement is underway

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press talked to PistonPowered commenters’ favorite Vernon Macklin about his lack of playing time:

But guys taken that late are normally hard pressed under the best circumstances to get significant playing time. The lockout robbed Macklin of a chance to get acclimated to the Pistons’ off-season program. He has only played in 19 games during mop-up time.

By all accounts he is still engaged and is doing the work necessary to get better. He said teammates are helping him stay focused.

“It’s tough, but it’s not hard to stay focused because I got guys like Ben Wallace and Greg (Monroe) and those guys talking to me a lot and telling me to get my work in,” Macklin said. “It’s not really hard to stay focused. I just got to understand that I’m going through a bump in the road right now. But I’m going to get better and keep on learning, and one day I will be able to play.”

Like most fans, I’d love to see Macklin get a few non-garbage time minutes here and there, but it’s good to hear that he seems to be keeping a good attitude and working hard behind the scenes. Doing the opposite of those things is reportedly the reason another recent second round pick, Terrico White, never got much of a look in Detroit.

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