Pistons were in play for Chris Kaman and JaVale McGee at NBA trade deadline

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

#Pistons were in play for Chris Kaman and JaVale McGee…moreso Kaman at the deadline

Would’ve been able to unload one of their big contracts to acquire Kaman as well… #Pistons

Please, please don’t get too worked up about this. These tweets leave many questions unanswered – very important questions.

I’m glad to hear the Pistons were talking to teams about acquiring Chris Kaman and JaVale McGee. Both players – because of their ability, contracts and size – would have presented significant value to the Pistons.

But at what cost? Without knowing that, there’s nothing really to evaluate here.

I can’t see any way the Pistons could have traded Ben Gordon or Charlie Villanueva for Chris Kaman without providing the Hornets more – either by taking back a bad contract or sending a valuable player or draft pick to New Orleans. And I can’t see how the Pistons could have put together a better package for McGee than the one the Wizards received without including Greg Monroe or a first-round pick.

Also, we have no idea how large the gap is between “in play for” and “close to trading for.”

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