Detroit Pistons select Khris Middleton with 39th pick in 2012 NBA Draft

After things went remarkably well for the Pistons in round one, they seemed to be shaping up nicely before their second pick as well. Perry Jones III, Arnett Moultrie and Draymond Green were inexplicably falling, Jae Crowder was still around three picks into the second round. It looked like a first round talent might fall But then the Pistons couldn’t get quite as lucky. The Heat grabbed Moultrie (later trading him to Philadelphia) and Sam Presti quickly jumped on Jones III late in the first round, Cleveland (for Dallas because of a pending trade) grabbed Jae Crowder and the Warriors took Draymond Green. But instead of grabbing Kyle O’Quinn or Scott Machado or another favorite, the Pistons went with Khris Middleton.

Middleton, a 6-foot-7, 210-pound wing player, struggled with injuries as a junior after a strong sophomore year, but Chad Ford had him ranked as the 48th best prospect in this draft. But here’s what Ford said about him last year:

“A year ago, Middleton would’ve been a potential first-round prospect,” Ford said. “Injuries have set him back a bit, but he’s actually been working out well over the past month.”

I didn’t do a Draft Dreams on Middleton because, frankly, with him projected as a late second-to-undrafted wing, I didn’t think there was any chance the Pistons took him. But I’m not a draft expert for a reason, folks. Leave it to Joe Dumars to pick someone I haven’t profiled even when I wrote 51 profiles of draft prospects this spring/summer. Middleton isn’t a great perimeter shooter, but his strength is his mid-range game.

I don’t love this pick. Middleton is certainly a player who could be a sleeper. As I said, his sub-par season a year ago was largely due to injuries, plus a really unstable coaching and roster situation at Texas A&M. But the Pistons need depth in the backcourt and depth in the frontcourt, so I’m not sure how adding another wing to the mix with Tayshaun Prince, Corey Maggette, Austin Daye, Kyle Singler and Jonas Jerebko all capable of playing small forward minutes, but perhaps there is another move on the way? Like I said, I’m not a fan of this pick with Lamb and O’Quinn still on the board. Anyway, have at this one in the comments.

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