Pistons, Vernon Macklin parting ways reluctantly

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press has a nice, albeit a little sad, read on Vernon Macklin. Macklin discusses his situation with the Pistons, but this passage was what really got to me:

“You got guys like Kyle, Khris, Kim and ‘Dre who have the opportunity to come in as rookies and get acclimated to Coach’s offense early and get a taste of NBA basketball,” Macklin said. “My first taste of NBA basketball was in training camp, and it wasn’t really a game setting. It was quick and on the move. So these guys got a chance to get a taste of it pretty early. I wish I had that chance, but it happens.”

That’s … that’s pretty depressing, honestly. A lot of second round guys from last year are in Macklin’s position. They had to play catch-up with no Summer League and an abbreviated training camp, making it harder for them to earn minutes during the season, and were forced to fight even harder for jobs this year with another crop of rookies battling for those few roster spots teams have open at the end of benches. Macklin seemed to have a good attitude, showed a few flashes in spot minutes and the Pistons seemed to have some mild interest in keeping him if they didn’t have such a full roster. Macklin also seemed like he wanted to stick around, based on the comments he gave to Ellis. Hopefully, he gets another NBA opportunity soon.

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