Former Piston Dennis Rodman meets his father for the first time

I’ve written before in some of my many Dennis Rodman posts about the fact that he’d never met his dad, Philander (no joke … that’s his name) Rodman, who has allegedly fathered as many as 29 children.

Rodman finally agreed to meet his father in the Philippines (Philander Rodman lives and owns a restaurant there) while there to play an exhibition game. The Associated Press has an account the meeting:

Philander, who has been living in the Philippines for nearly 50 years, said he wanted to explain to his son that he didn’t abandon his family in the United States, but they only had time for greetings and handshakes.

He said he spent only about three minutes with his son, who was also busy signing autographs.

“I really, really felt good,” he said. “It’s the beginning of something new.”

He gave his number to his son who promised to call.

He said his son did not even want to talk about him six years ago, but he was encouraged to try again to meet him after Tuesday’s press conference where the former Pistons and Bulls star invited him to watch Wednesday’s game.

“I don’t hate the guy that brought me into this world,” Dennis Rodman told reporters. “The fact is, if I saw him, I’ll just tell him, ‘You know, you’re a friend of mine.'”

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