Andre Drummond, Darko Milicic and playing right away

In Jim Cavan’s New York Times article that I linked earlier, Cavan made an interesting comparison between Darko Milicic and Andre Drummond. Now, the immediate reaction to that sentence probably caused a negative vision in your minds simply because of how Milicic’s career has turned out. Cavan, however, was simply comparing the fact that Drummond is the first Pistons rookie since Milicic to have such an incredibly high ceiling mixed with some significant unknowns.

With Milicic, as we know, the Pistons buried him on the bench early, his confidence suffered and he never amounted to much more than an occasionally warm body who can block a shot or two in his NBA career. Writing for the Detroit Free Press today, I stated my belief that Drummond needs to play early and often, even if that means he struggles:

The Pistons have veteran players like Maxiell, Jerebko and Wallace if he returns capable of playing competent frontcourt minutes for any NBA team. But none of those players, either individually or as a combination, taking the bulk of minutes next to Monroe would be enough to make the Pistons a playoff team next season. Their best hope to accomplish that goal lies in whether Drummond is ready to be a game-changing presence, at least on defense, very early in his career.

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