To start or not to start: Should the Pistons leave Andre Drummond on the bench for now?

I touched on this a little in last night’s game recap, but wrote at length in today’s Detroit Free Press column about whether or not Andre Drummond should open the season as Detroit’s starting center:

Drummond has also developed some chemistry with the second unit, particularly Will Bynum. Bynum loves to play at a fast pace, he’s a better and more willing passer on the break or when players are moving and cutting and Drummond is the perfect big man for Bynum with his speed and finishing ability. Throw in Jonas Jerebko, another frontcourt player who loves to run, cut hard to the basket and crash the offensive glass, and the Pistons potentially have a pretty dynamic second unit that can bring defense, fast break points and energy whenever the team needs to speed the game up.

So basically, should the Pistons put Drummond in the starting lineup even if he doesn’t significantly improve that unit (remember, he’d be playing against the opposing teams’ best players virtually all of his minutes if he starts)? Or should they leave him as a reserve, let him dominate most other teams’ second units and give the Pistons a really interesting bench unit that perhaps gives them a big advantage over opposing benches?

I’m still not sure there’s a right answer to the start/not start question. I just want to see Drummond continue to play as well as he has this preseason.

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