Tayshaun Prince losing patience as NBA gets younger

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press on Tayshaun Prince:

He once considered coaching, but he wants to be around his family and has doubts about his patience with the league growing younger.

This line enrages me.

I’m not mad at Prince. I’m mad at Joe Dumars.

When the Pistons re-signed Prince, they clearly considered his leadership ability as a large part of his worth. But, apparently, he’s still not completely on board with that role.

You know what else is growing younger besides the league? The Pistons. If Prince isn’t fully on board – or might lose his patience – with that, it’s a problem.

Look, we all do things we don’t want to do because our job requires it. And Prince has done a better job as a veteran mentor, some details of which are in Ellis’ article. I commend Prince for trying.

But why did the Pistons sign someone to be a leader – a nebulous of a skill that has never actually been proven to help at the NBA level – when it wasn’t even clear he was a good leader? So, far Prince has done an alright job with the younger players so far, but what if he loses his patience with that assignment?

The Pistons are playing with fire here, and the clock is ticking until they get burned.

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