Andre Drummond, no surprise, is among the season's biggest surprises

Pistons fans who have had few bright spots to watch this season have obviously figured out that Andre Drummond is one of the few reasons to watch the Pistons during another awful start to the season. But just because we’ve had nothing better to do than dwell on Drummond’s impact doesn’t mean it’s still not one of the season’s biggest leaguewide surprises. From Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus (subscription required):

1. Andre Drummond, Detroit (.362 projected, .468 updated, +.106)

Naturally, rookies tend to make up most of the spots on this list, since we are less confident about our projections for them as they make the transition from the NCAA to the NBA. Drummond takes top honors on the strength of his .715 winning percentage to date. While nothing has changed in terms of our assessment of Drummond as a project, he has shown he can contribute far more than expected while developing. Coming off the bench, Drummond has been a monster as a rebounder and shot blocker while making 64.9 percent of his two-point attempts. Consider that against college opponents, Drummond shot 54.1 percent and collected just 15.6 percent of available defensive rebounds (now 21.0 percent). The next step for Drummond is maintaining something approaching that level in extended minutes and while playing alongside starter Greg Monroe.

Now if only someone would tell Lawrence Frank about that ‘next step.’

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