Andre Drummond avoids easy cliché about negativity fueling him

One of the most obnoxiously overused memes in sports is that negativity or criticism is always a motivating factor for athletes. I’m sure it can be, but athletes also need far more than just fuel out of resentment to be successful —intelligence, motivation, work ethic, etc.

Because of the criticisms that haunted Andre Drummond during his one underwhelming year of college basketball at UConn, it would be easy for him to fall back on that, ‘negativity drives me’ stuff. But to his credit, in this quote he gave Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News, he sounded mature beyond his years:

“In the past, people said what they had to say, that I didn’t have a high motor,” Drummond said. “(The criticism) had nothing to do with fueling me, it’s the drive I have everyday to play this game. It’s not a someday thing, it’s an everyday thing.”

Drummond — as any human being would be — has probably been annoyed or agitated by some of the things written or said about him over the last couple years. But his productive on-court contributions with the fact that he already understands that his success or failure as a pro is on him and him alone shows pretty clearly that the whispers coming out of UConn about his motivation were likely off-base.

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