Pistons Pregame Shenanigans

UPDATE: Jose Calderon should be seeing the floor tonight for Detroit

Okay, I’m not a fan of pregame posts. Just because I feel they can be so obvious. OF COURSE the Pistons need to slow down Kyrie Irving (Who is really, really, really, good). OF COURSE the Pistons need to watch out for sneaky good Tristian Thompson with Jason Maxiell guarding him. OF COURSE the Pistons should have the ball in Jose’s hands so he can feed Greg Monroe. In case you didn’t realize there are some of my keys for the game. I just feel like I can beat you over the head with these points, giving you stats, and you won’t want to continue to read. So we are going to have fun on this Post. Rufus on Fire did a diss rap on the Spurs for pre-game, and I really enjoyed it. I can’t steal their genius idea, but we can kick it 1800′s (not really sure if that is chronologically correct) style by pulling out the nursery rhymes. Check this post if you want intelligent basketball speak, because you are not getting it here.

There Once Was a Man Named Kyrie:

There once was a man named Kyrie

Who lived in downtown from the land of three

Quick as a mouse

Could bring down Detroit’s house

Have a guy on him at all times Lawrence Frank, please

(If you cringed, just leave the page, it will get worse)

Lawrence Frank had a Little Center:

Lawrence Frank had a Center

Who’s potential was as high as Dwight

And every game that the Pistons played

The Center’s future looked very bright

He played so good one day

Which was against the rotation

It made the fans scream and shout

with incredible play, they had elation

So Frank still started Jason Maxiell

but the Drummond lingered still

And waited patiently on the bench

Against Pistons fan’s will

“Why don’t they understand?”

Lawrence Frank cried

“Because the bright future makes us happy”

Pistons fans replied

Charlie Dumpty:

Charlie V sat on the bench

Outside of the rotation Charlie V was entrenched

All the Pistons coach’s and all the Pistons GM’s

Couldn’t make Charlie V play well again

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