Andre Drummond switched sides to support Brandon Knight in Rising Stars Challenge

By now, everyone has seen one of the most replayed moments of Friday’s Rising Stars Challenge — the Kyrie Irving/Brandon Knight back-and-forth that resulted in Knight getting crossed up by Irving, not that there’s any shame in that, considering Irving might be the best ball-handler in the league right now. But David Mayo of MLive got a couple of great comments from the game. First, Andre Drummond, who was technically on Irving’s team in the game (although an injury prevented him from playing), apparently switched sides in order to cheer on his real teammate, Knight:

 On the opposite bench, Andre Drummond was up cheering for his Pistons teammate with each possession, even though Irving technically was his teammate for one night.

“I was rooting for Brandon,” Drummond said.  “He’s my teammate, man.  I had to go for BK.  I had to go across the court and go for BK’s side.  He ended up beating him, so my support helped him out a lot.  He felt my senses.”

And Knight had a nice subtle jab at Irving. Irving said he was ‘disinterested’ in a poor performance against Knight and the Pistons earlier this month. Knight after the Rising Stars game:

 “I guess he wanted to be interested today,” Knight said.

Talent-wise, Knight’s never going to be the type of player in this league that Irving is. But I absolutely love that Knight is not intimidated by Irving at all and, in fact, has some of his best performances against him.

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