Brandon Knight on DeAndre Jordan’s dunk: ‘I can laugh at it’

Brandon Knight, via Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

"You’re gonna get dunked on. It won’t be the last time. I’ve dunked on people. It’ll happen plenty more times."

on the reaction: "Just the culture of today. People take stuff and make it a much bigger deal. I can laugh at it, it’s funny to me."

"It’s unfortunate I’m not 6’11. It was a good play, a great play. I’d jump again. With my stature it didn’t happen with a block."

"Instead of me getting mad at it, it’s gonna happen. You laugh when you see other people get caught. It’s not gonna break my confidence"

Me and my friends we laugh. the most athletic big we’ve ever seen. I’m not weak minded, I’m a strong guy. People can say what they want.

People are ready to jump on you just based on who you are. For that to happen in any situation ppl are quick to jump in a negative way

Good for Knight, who began making jokes the night of the incident. I was bit concerned when he slipped out of the locker room Sunday without speaking to the media, but there’s nothing wrong with a player needing a little time to gather himself. It appears Knight has a healthy view of the situation.

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