Kyle Singler ahead of Luigi Datome in rotation

Maurice Cheeks on Kyle Singler, via Keith Langlois of

“Kyle’s going to be on the floor,” Cheeks said. “We know that. He’s going to be on the floor.”

“Bobby Jones was a no-nonsense guy, just came in and played, got eight to 10 points, was always a defensive stopper, always guarded the best three man, sometimes four man, and just always knew what you were going to get,” Cheeks said. “He has those same qualities as Bobby – and Bobby was pretty good.”

Cheeks on Luigi Datome, via Langlois:

“There are times where guys in practice make you take a look at them and make you think about giving them more minutes and maybe he’s a guy like that and maybe not,” Cheeks said of Datome. When you’re on the active roster, you always have a chance to play. His opportunity can come, but he’s a little set back because of his injury right now.”

So, Singler reminds Cheeks of a five-time All-Star (four NBA, one ABA), and Datome is only sometimes making Cheeks consider maybe giving him more minutes. Maybe.

I find those quotes pretty telling.

Datome has been injured, so that at least somewhat explains why he’s behind, but he’s still behind.

More preseason games remain, including tonight against the Bulls, but at this point, I’d be surprised Singler is left out of the rotation and Datome makes it.

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