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PistonPowered maintains two twitter accounts: @PistonPowered and @PPFeed.

@PistonPowered, displayed on the blog as “The Glove Compartment,” is a collection of interesting links and minor updates that don’t warrant their own post.

@PPFeed is a Twitter version of the site’s RSS Feed, which tweets a link to each post as it’s published.

These two accounts allow you to view all of the site’s content from the comfort of your favorite Twitter client and make it even easier to stay updated on everything PistonPowered.

RSS Feeds

PistonPowered has a few different RSS feeds you can subscribe to:

RSS Feed

A convenient way to grab all posts as they’re published. Get ‘em while they’re hot.

Comment RSS Feed

All the blog’s comments rolled into a single feed. Don’t miss out on any of the discussion happening here at PistonPowered.

@PistonPowered RSS Feed

A way to see all the links posted in The Glove Compartment if you’re not on Twitter. For more info, click here.

In addition, each post has its own RSS feed that allows you to follow the comments for just that article. Subscribe by clicking the “RSS” icon at the bottom of the post.


Patrick Hayes takes care of our Facebook page, which is updated every time there’s new PistonPowered content available. Make sure to stop by and become a fan!