Detroit Pistons are actually kicking the tires on Tracy McGrady

I’ll have to ask Feldman when he gets back from one of his many vacations, but do I win some sort of prize for this?

When I wrote the Tracy McGrady MLE Dreams post a week or so ago, I did it for one reason: I’ve always loved Tracy McGrady. I’m not really convinced he’s a very good player anymore, and I’m even less convinced there’s much room for him on the Pistons with the 23 wing players they already have on the roster. The post was strictly for fun, summer down-time speculation. And if I riled up commenter laser along the way, then so be it.

But then Jonathon Givony, out of the blue, Tweeted that McGrady to the Pistons on a one-year deal was done. That rustled Oakland Press beat writer Dave Pemberton out of his pajamas on a Saturday night, and he got a text from Joe Dumars, who said the team was merely “discussing” a deal.

Did this offseason suddenly get more interesting or what? Let’s pretend they sign him. It could mean one of several things:

• Another move is in the works. McGrady, a veteran superstar, would want minutes. The Pistons don’t have any to give out on the perimeter. I would think they would be considering clearing a spot for him to play if they are considering bringing him on.

• Maybe he’s insurance in case they have concerns about the full-season health of Tayshaun Prince or Rip Hamilton, who both had major injury struggles last season.

• Maybe the team wants to bring in a star to sell tickets, but Dumars is not familiar with any stars post 2003 or so.

• Maybe they’re not convinced that Austin Daye is ready to provide big minutes and/or production. Or, maybe they are bringing in the lanky, finesse perimeter player in McGrady to mentor the lanky, finesse player Daye.

Basically, if it happens, it raises a lot more questions and makes a normally dull part of the offseason more interesting. And it’s nice to find out Dumars is a reader of PistonPowered. My goal has always been to be the first blogger-turned-assistant-general-manager in the NBA.